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Where to Live at College?

One of the first things students think about when college comes around is, “where am I going to live?!” For some students, living on campus in the dorms is where they belong. The dorms are close to class and student activities, and cluttered with other students just begging for a study buddy or a friend. For others, off campus living holds many benefits. Conversely, living off campus can be a make or break move financially for any young and eager student. There are generally two options a student has when it comes to off campus living; rent an apartment or live at home.
Renting an apartment can be a large commitment for a new student with a full class load. Rent can range anywhere from $500-$1000. However, there are also things like internet and electricity bills, not to mention things like cleaning, which can really take a toll on your checking account and free time. Students who make the decision to rent an apartment usually find themselves working at least a few nights a week, taking up valuable study time.

I, like many other students, have taken option number two; living at home. After moving to Iowa City from a little town in Illinois to attend college, my grandparents graciously offered my twin sister and I one of the apartments they rent out or a room in their basement. I was prepared to jump into apartment living. The excitement of living on my own was almost more than I could handle. I was ready to sign the lease when my sister stopped me and said we should consider living with our grandparents. Forgive me if I didn’t find as much excitement in living with my grandparents as I did with living on my own. Thoughts of curfews and homework checks clouded my mind. But, then I sat down and figured out how much money I would be spending renting an apartment. With a $500 rent, at least $100 in groceries every two weeks, and a little extra gas money driving the extra distance to class, living in the apartment began to lose a lot of its appeal.

My second semester of college and of living with my grandparents is rapidly coming to an end and I could not be happier with the decision I made to live with my grandparents. The money that I saved not renting an apartment now populates the empty space that I once called my savings account. The education I am receiving at college is paid for and I am able to afford filling up my gas tank to visit home every now and then. The choice I made to live with family instead of renting an apartment on my own was one of the best decisions I could have.

$100 Invested in 100 People

Investment Idea: $100 dollars in $1 bills handed out to 100 random people.

Total Investment: $100

Total Time Cost: 00:30:00

Extra Costs: Print out and design of information cards and then taping each card to each dollar. (10 Minutes)

Total Time Spent on Investment: 10 minutes of prep work. 20 minutes of handing out dollars.

Research and Preparation:

I have always felt that there is an underlying connectedness between all people. By helping other people you can help yourself too. My favorite TV show for years has been My Name is Earl, and his mantra of “do good things and good things happen” has always seemed like a great way to live your life. In that spirit I decided I wanted to take my first $100 investment and break it into $1 bills to hand out to one hundred random people on the streets of New York City.

Who couldn’t use an extra dollar in their lives?

To explain why I’m doing what I’m doing, I decided I needed to attach some sort of note to the dollars.

1. I needed cards, so I Googled free online business card maker and found Avery. All it requires for you to sign up with it is an email account. I used a fake one and it went fine.

Avery is pretty great. You can choose lots of patterns, styles and looks for any type of office. I choose basic cards that could fit ten to a page. It then exports your document as a PDF, which you can print using any printer.

On my cards I needed a way to tell the people something quick and short, so I wrote this:

Hi my name is Brett, and I am investing $100 dollars in as many things as I can think of. Right now I am investing $1 in one hundred different people.

(Printed out sheets)

(Cut out cards)
Next I then went to my local bank and withdrew a $100 in single dollar bills.

($100 in singles)After I got home that night I applied the cut out cards to the dollars using simple double sided tape, and was done.

(Dollars all set to go)
Reason for Investment:

My parents and most Hollywood movies have taught me one thing: have faith and believe in other people. With that said, I decided to take it a step further and invest in other people, even if they don’t know I am investing in them. I chose to hand out my first investment and hopefully get some good karma and free PR out of it. If I gave you a dollar today please enjoy it and spend it on something you wouldn’t normally buy. Use it to invest in a better life for yourself, just like I hope my investments will give me.

Thank you.

Returns: Karma, free PR.

How Do I Find the Best Credit Card?

Are you looking for a new credit card or a first time credit card? This can be a task made difficult due to all the offers out there. The best way to choose a credit card is to research the different credit card companies to find the best card to meet your needs. Find a company that offers the best rates for you according to your credit rating. A good credit rating can get you a better deal on a credit card. If this is the first time applying for a credit card, then look for one that is made especially for those who have never established credit.

Credit Cards

The best credit cards are the ones with lower interest rates, no annual fees, and a reliable company you can trust. Other things to look for when shopping for a credit card are the application fees, late fees, over limit fees, and even how the bill can be paid. Some credit card companies have hidden fees, so be sure to read all the facts before signing up for that card. These are facts you need to know about; and you will need to consider how they will affect you in being able to pay back the charges you have made on the credit card.

An introductory rate credit card is an offer to get you to switch credit cards to another credit card company at a lower interest rate. The key word is introductory; which means this rate will change after you have had the card for so long. Other cards are one interest rate for the life of the credit card. Even though the interest rate may be a little higher at the beginning than the introductory rate cards; you will know what interest rate you will pay throughout the years that you use the credit card. Some offer a variable interest rate credit card; where the interest rate is always changing, and this makes knowing what will be paid back in interest charges confusing.

Can you pay online or are mailing the payment the only way? This might be something that would help you decide which one you like. Do they charge a fee just to take out the card with them? Some credit card companies charge a processing fee making you pay before you even get to use your card. This makes you owe before you even get to enjoy spending. Reading the cardholder agreement will help you determine what each card has to offer.

One way to find the best credit card is to make a list of what you want out of your credit card company, and then start looking at credit card sites on the web and comparing what each has to offer. Things to put on the list to check on are such things as finance charges, grace periods, minimum payment, and cash advance fees, to name a few. All of these things are good to find out about and know before choosing a card.