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What Are the Best Jobs for College Students?

Most people understand the importance of going to college; however, upon arrival many students will quickly discover that they are going to need to find a job to cover their living and entertainment expenses. Jobs for college students do not pay a lot of money, but students do not need to make as much money as most of them believe. Even though a lot of these jobs do not pay a lot, many of them offer other benefits to their employees.

college jobs

Retail Stores

Many college students discover that working at a retail store, whether it be a grocery store or a clothing store, is relatively easy work. All that the management really expects is for them to have a positive attitude, show up on time and assist the customers. While these jobs typically do not offer commission or any kind of great pay, most of them offer some extra incentives. For example, many clothing stores will allow the employees to buy their stylish clothes for a substantial discount, so the employee will feel like they are making more money. This actually works out better, because the student will not have to pay income tax on the clothes.

Bars and Restaurants

Students who have an out-going personality and enjoy conversing with others should consider applying for a job at a restaurant or bar. Employees will work a little harder in these jobs than they would in a typical, minimum wage job, but the tips can be very good. It is typically easier to get a job serving at a restaurant than it is at a bar, since bartenders typically have more responsibilities, but servers can typically work their way up. Another nice thing about working for a bar or restaurant is that everyone enjoys being in this atmosphere anyway, and this will allow them to get paid to do so.


College students may also have an opportunity to work in certain sales job, with electronics being the most popular. Students will be able to work around and learn about the technology they love, but they will also have the ability to earn a commission on their sales. A lot of these stores will also give their employees a really good deal on electronics, such as cell phones. Receiving a cell phone and plan for a few dollars per month can make this job an excellent option.


Students who are really motivated and good at time management could start an online business. One of the most popular options is freelance writing, because it does not require any financial investment. If students want to invest a little money, they could buy some products and sell them online. The possibilities for working on the Internet are endless, but it takes the right personality to be successful.

These are just a few options for college students to choose from. The key thing for students to remember is that they need to determine what type of work sounds the most appealing. It is also important to note that some college towns may not have the same number of choices, so some students may have to take any job they can get.

How to Find the Cheapest Textbooks

It is no secret that buying text books for your college courses can really drain your bank account. College book stores boast being the only place you can find the book you need at such a discounted price. Do not believe this! Your college’s book store is not a bad place to pick up a book, but you do have other options. Here are just a few other places to start looking for books before you give in to the book store.


Buy your books off resale stores online. They usually list the books at different prices, depending on the condition of the book. Personally, I have found buying the cheaper, not as pretty, books work just as well as the brand spanking new ones. Sites like are great sources for books.


Make friends who have been going to your college. Find people who are studying what you are studying and make a deal. Work your schedules so that you are both taking classes that the other will need, but take them at different times. That way you can split the cost of the books and share them. It’s a simple and easy way to cut your book budget in half.

Talk to Your Teachers

Some classes barely use the books that they say are required. The library will almost always have copies of these books as well. Email, call, or speak with your teacher and ask how necessary the book is to your success in the class. Most teachers want you to get through college with as little financial expense as possible. But be warned; check the author of the book before you ask your teacher. There is a good chance that the teacher is also the author. Do not ask them how important the book is if they are the one who put the time into writing it. You will not be one of their favorites.

Kindles, iPads, and Other Ereaders

Not only do these eReaders help keep your book bag light, they save you money. Purchasing your books on one of these is a great way to save some money. However, some students find it easier to use a classic, paperback book so that they can highlight and take notes. You, also, cannot sell back books purchased through eReaders. These are a great option for saving money, but may not be beneficial for all students.

Spending hundreds of dollars in the book store does not have to be your fate! Be on the lookout for places to buy your books for cheap or for options to split the price in half. And do not forget to sell back your books at the end of the semester. If the book store will not buy back the book, sell it online! If you are willing to look for them, there will always be ways to make or save money on your college text books.

Free Electric Tax Filing

The process of filing for taxes is one considered tedious and somewhat inconvenient. As such, the opportunity to do it remotely is a welcome one for most individuals and businesses. It is with this in mind the Internal Revenue Service provides an opportunity for one to file their taxes electronically. There also other avenues to do this that are affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service.

The advantages, apart from convenience, are two other important aspects: the filing process safe, and free. There are also significant reductions in the time that one needs to wait for a tax refund, with the period being cut in half in some cases. Another often quoted advantage is that if you have arrears or back payments owed to the Internal Revenue Service, the electronic filing process provides you with more options through which you can remedy this problem.

Within the Internal Revenue Service, the process is of filing taxes called the IRS e-file. It has been available since 1990.

The option that is provides for one to file their tax returns freely is called Free File. Free File is open to individuals with an annual income below $57,000 and there are a number of ways a person interested in this facility can access it only through the Internal Revenue Service website,

For those wishing to file for their taxes electronically that are open to any income bracket, one can use by forms that are called Free File Fillable Forms. These forms support simple mathematical formulae and can’t be used for the more complicated state tax returns.

There are some tax software companies that can provide you with support software that can be used to file state tax returns. These are also found in the Internal Revenue Service website and as such can be trusted with your tax information since they go through a verification process of sorts.

You can also decide to handle the process yourself, especially if you have a working knowledge of how to file your taxes and the calculations involved. E-file software is commercially available and once you have processed the information, you can then send it through the secure channels available through the Internal Revenue Service website.

Yet another method is to use a tax preparer. The law requires that these tax filing professionals be well-versed with the e-filing process and it also makes practical sense for them to be familiar with it. This will certainly help one enjoy the benefits of e-filing while also leaving the process in the hands of experienced professionals.

The Internal Revenue Service provides you with various directions and steps that can help you select which form of electronic tax filing-works for you, making the process conveniently user-friendly.

$100 Invested in Collectible Coins

1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set
($100 of Collectible Coins)

Investment Idea: $100 invested in collectible coins.

Total Investment: $100

Total Time Cost: 00:01:00

Extra Costs: $0

Total Time Spent on Investment: I spent over an hour talking to the owner of a local collectible’s store, as well as some time running to the ATM to withdrawal cash for the investment. This investment was bought at the same time as my investment in Morgan Silver Peace Dollars, which you can read about here.

Research and Preparation: As far as research goes, as a child I had been given mint sets of coins every year for Christmas by a family friend. I knew some coins were really collectible but I a lot weren’t, especially since most batches of mint coins were made in issues of millions making them worthless as far as rarity go, so a lot of the collectible coins value comes from the content of the coins i.e. what metal is in it. While I had stumbled into a collectible coin store in my town, I had offered a deal for four Morgan Stanley dollars for $25 (below their market price) but as a condition of the deal I would buy some other coins worth $100, so that way I would spend a total of $200 for two different investments.

The owner of the store Howard, when I told him what I wanted to do selected a couple of combinations of coins for me to pick from to get the value of $100 I needed.

He ended up putting in front of me a 1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set. It was a pretty standard set of coins, containing a penny, a nickle, a half dollar, a quarter, and a dime. The special part of this set was the fact that the half dollar, quarter, and the dime were actually made of silver instead of their standard metals making them exceptionally shiny and worth more than a regular mint set. The whole set was then sealed in a case that comes in a box, see below.

1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set Box
(1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set Box)
As you can see the price tag on the box was $38. Howard then showed me in a price guide for the coins how this price was actually on the more whole sale “dealer” price end of the price spectrum for this piece.

1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set Front
(Front of the 1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set)
1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set Back
(Back of the 1993 United States Silver Proof Coin Set)
Howard then also proceeded to take out a “graded” Morgan Silver Dollar coin from his case. I already was buying four Morgan dollars as an investment, but this one was different. This was a graded uncirculated mint Morgan dollar.

Uncirculated coins mean it was never used in my case Howard had taken out a graded 1883 Morgan Peace dollar. It had maintained an eerily perfect appearance even though it was over a hundred years old. The grading process costs about $15 per a coin, and makes the graded coins worth more than just the standard “melt” price I would get for my circulated Morgan peace dollars from my other coin investment.

1883 Graded Morgan Peace Silver Dollar Front
(Front of the Graded 1883 Morgan Peace Silver Dollar)
1883 Graded Morgan Peace Silver Dollar Back
(Back of the Graded 1883 Morgan Peace Silver Dollar)
The price tag for the graded 1883 Morgan Peace Dollar was $62. Add this to the $38 I would be paying for the silver coin set it would be come a perfectly round $100 price tag.

Reason for Investment:

As economic uncertainty continues and people flock to more physical investments the coin market has been booming. It is now a $5 Billion a year industry.


To find an up to the minute price of this investment and my other investments click here!

How Do I Improve My Credit Score?

Your credit score is very important. It follows you everywhere. The higher the better. One of the most common groups that look at your credit score are lenders. They want to know if you will be able to pay them back and how much you can afford to pay back each month. Some employers will even check your credit score.

Credit Cards

Your credit score is a calculation that basically lets people know how well you are able to pay your debts. It is made up of several things like payment history, debt level, and length of credit history. Your payment history is probably the most important part of your credit score. Make sure that you send in your payments so they arrive on time. Thus the better your history of paying the better your credit rating. Keeping a low debt level is also very important. Keys to a low debt level are not running your credit cards to there maximum limit and don’t take out to many loans. The longer you have good history with accounts the better it looks for your credit score. This is why it is good to keep some accounts open even if you do not use them very often. This works good with a department store credit card.

So now that you know what your credit score is and how it effects you, it is time to learn how to repair a damaged credit score. Do not get over stressed if you have screwed up your credit rating. In this current economic situation many people have very poor credit. The first thing that you will want to do is get your spending in order by making a budget. You can find out where you are wasting money and help cut that spending out. Try to stop using your credit cards and pay that debt down. I try and use a rule that if I can not pay cash for something then I will not buy it. This helps when trying to stop using your credit card. Most of the time you will not buy something if you see the actual money leave your hand. If it goes on a credit card you have the out of sight, out of mind syndrome. The faster you can lower your credit cards to 30% or less from your maximum level the better for your score. A typical mistake that people will make is asking a credit card company to lower your card limit, if anything ask them to raise it a little. Another thing that you can do is look at your current credit score and see if there may be some mistakes on it or some things that you can get taken off. If you have a really good history with a credit card but were late once or twice it may help to call the company and ask them to remove those late charges from your history.