“To spend or utilize time, money, or effort for future advantage or benefit.”

(The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)


“One way to define education is to call it a “process that provides knowledge, skills, moral values, and understanding required in the normal course of life.”

(Amos Ristow, et al, 2009, Human Resource Management, p. 234)


Investing Education was founded as a website to help all people with all their investing and financial questions and needs. We write articles and share our own experiences in a tone that is both entertaining and easy to understand. We try to maintain honesty and integrity in all of our postings as well. Investing Ed is part of the CluedIn2 network and has been around since 2010. We are proudly based in NYC home to the smartest minds and best people.

Want to join the team? We are always on the lookout for people who love to write, please email us at Kent.Burton(at)InvestingEd.com for more information!

Some key team members:

Kent has been with Investing Ed since 2010, and has been a member of the CluedIn2 community since 2008, he is currently the Community Manager.
Contact @ Kent(at)InvestingEd.com

Vinny has a degree in finance and currently is in charge of content quality control as well as financial decisions at Investing Ed.
Contact @ Vinny(at)InvestingEd.com

Charlie is new to Investing Ed, and as a recent college grad enjoys writing articles about all the stuff he never got told about finance in college.
Contact @ Charlie(at)InvestingEd.com

Megan is a current undergrad working on a double major in Communications and Journalism and currently is a staff writer for Investing Ed.
Contact @ Megan(at)InvestingEd.com

Ben is a current undergrad working on degrees in Technical Communications and Media Analysis from Arizona State University and currently is a staff writer for Investing Ed.
Contact @ Ben(at)InvestingEd.com

Melanie is currently earning her Masters in Arts Journalism at Syracuse University. She is an alumni of UConn, where she led the campus newspaper and authored the Husky Finance column.
Contact @ Melanie(at)InvestingEd.com

Nolan was brought on in 2012 as lead designer. When he isn’t helping out drawing logos or cartoons he runs Mane Man Studios.
Contact @ info(at)manemanstudios.com

Alexander Lindley
Alex will graduate in May with a degree in professional writing. He is the managing editor of his campus newspaper, and, when he isn’t busy with school or work, he freelance writes. He enjoys writing about how he had to learn personal finance the hard way. Twitter: @alexlindley91.
Contact @ alindley(at)una.edu


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