How Do I Get Insurance if My Employer Does Not Offer it?

For employees who work at a company, where health insurance is not offered as a benefit, there are still ways to purchase private health insurance for you and your family. First off, deciding on the level of coverage you need, depending on the health you are in, any risks you may have (due to family history of illness), and the overall health that the members of your family are in, will help you determine the level of coverage you need. The next thing to consider is looking for the right health insurance companies. There are both nationwide coverage policies, as well as small local family owned health insurance companies. So, choosing the policies, getting quotes, and seeing what levels of coverage each offers, depending on the level of coverage you are seeking, will help you determine which company to go with.

You also have to consider the coverage, what doctors are covered, what hospitals are covered, medications, prescriptions, and all other aspects related to the health insurance policy, when you are choosing a plan. For the most part, smaller companies might be a bit cheaper, but they do not cover the large network of doctors, nor do they offer discounts on medication. So, it may pay off for you to consider a larger, nationwide company, that does cover all doctors, in order for you to have the coverage you need, and still save. Also, when looking at the co pay, it might be beneficial for you to pay a higher co pay, when you do go in to the doctor, in order to find a cheaper policy for your insurance package. Another thing to consider is working with the right health insurance agent. The larger, nationwide companies, are usually going to offer you an agent to help you choose a policy. This will ensure that you are going to get the coverage you need, for the lowest price to you on a monthly basis.

It is possible to find an affordable health insurance policy, for you and your family, even if your employer does not offer coverage. The more willing a purchaser is to do the research, to contact insurance companies, and to take the time to compare rates, the more likely it is that they are going to find that affordable coverage. So, even though it might not be as cheap as if you purchased from a group plan with your employer, it is still very possible to find a plan that you can afford, and which offers you the coverage you need and are looking for, when you are choosing which insurance company to go with, for your health insurance needs, and for those needs of your family.