Investment Advice: Is An Affiliate Sales Website Worth the Effort?

We are often asked strange investment questions around what makes for a good investment. And the truth of the matter is a lot of things do it just depends on your circumstances and what your goals are.

When considering an investment it is important to understand the following:
– Will it increase in value
– Is it liquid
– When do I need to cash out of this
– How big is the market for this investment
– Do I understand everything about the investment

In the case of running an affiliate sales website it depends on how much time you want to invest into it. It can be the easiest thing in the world to start but to stay ahead of an ever changing SEO and digital landscape it can be a nightmare. It is easy to monetize with CPA networks including click bank but staying relevant and ahead of the curve in digital trends can be rough. When considering any investment always do your research. In the case of affiliate sales you should start with and Two of the most well known SEO and affiliate information sites.

If you decide after reading on those forums that an investment in affiliate sales website is worth the effort than you should go ahead an launch a website. I recommend It is simple, cheap, and comes with a free domain name.

Once you have the website it is important to keep in mind how you are going to get traffic to your site to make sales. There are three main methods; SEO, PPC, and general traffic buying.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important because it allows you an evergreen stream of customers whom are coming to your site from Google. As part of this it is important to create original and high quality content that Google will analyze and deem worthy of sending people whom Google your search terms to your page. At the same time you need to make sure your website is optimized for optimal search engine crawling and readability. It is useful to use WordPress to make sure your content is just this as you start out.

SEO though can take a long time to start driving traffic. In the interim while your SEO is being built it can extremely useful to launch small PPC and PPV (Pay per click/view) buys. The best to drive highly targeted niche traffic is GoogleAds. Also what could be helpful are TwitterAds and Pinterest Ads. But the best for driving bulk traffic is Facebook ads. Facebook Ads are extremely flexible in targeting and can let you optimize spending easily. If you have money and are willing to lose it you should start here. What’s most important is to test. Test and optimize everything about your page and who you target.

Lastly depending on how big you want to go you can launch old fashioned media buying campaigns. Where you drive traffic from other companies to your site. This is a lot less personal and leads to a lot of waste but can help build your site into a brand if that is your end goal.

When considering all of this an affiliate site can be a very successful business and investment but it will take time and lots of start up money. You need to be prepared to lose some money to make some and there is no guarantee you will ever make any money. If that is something you aren’t prepared for then this may now be the best investment for you. If you still want to pursue an affiliate sales website we recommend you do your research and be prepared to test and optimize for the long run.

Chart: Wages for the Ten Most Common Jobs In America May 2013

Registered nurses do more than tend to patients and care for the sick; they also know how to throw off the curve. Nurses make, on average, more than $30,000 a year more than the next common occupation, nearly double what secretaries earn.

Chart: Wages for the Ten Most Common Jobs In America May 2013

As you can see from the above chart when nursing is clumped in with the nine other most common occupations, this skews the data, making the average of all workers look much higher than it actually is.

With nurses’ salaries in the mix, the annual mean wage is actually $10,000 more than the highest wage of secretaries and administrative assistants, who are the next highest earners. The disparity between the wages of nurses and the other of the ten most common professions in the United States shows that, while nurses may be a large and not unusual workforce, what they bring home at the end of the day sets them far apart from their peers.

Chart: Poverty Rate Was Falling Until War on Poverty Began

This chart points out one of the interesting things about the poverty level in the US-it has not always decreased since the War on Poverty started.

Poverty Rate Was Falling Until War on Poverty Began

Part of the issue is that less of American’s yearly income is protected from income tax. Another issue is that wealthy people are paying less of a percentage on taxes of their income. But the primary reason may well be that wages have not kept up with inflation in most jobs.

Americans like to harken back to the days when they were younger, and prices seemed less, without figuring inflation into the mix. But along with prices inflation, there has not always been a sufficient growth in wages in many jobs. The minimum wage of $1.35 an hour in 1972 projects to be $7.66 in 2013-about where the minimum wage is today. Working people who earn the minimum wage today are not receiving any more real wages than they did receive in 1972.

Examples of Passive Income

A lot of people wonder about what is passive income and how they too can start earning it. Passive income come’s in all shapes and sizes and if you have a normal portfolio today you most likely are already privy to some.

examples of passive income

Check out the most common examples of passive income below:

1. Stocks that pay dividends and, every quarter, send you a dividend payment.

2. A real estate investment through a partnership. The general partners manage the properties and you, as a limited partner, just collect the rent and any capital gains from property sales.

3. Savings account that accrues interest. Every year or monthly your account will be sent interest payments.

4. Patents or copyrighted material such as songs. Entities that license this intellectual property pay out fees or royalties on a quarterly basis.

There are plenty other types of passive income but the above four are some of the most common examples of passive income and one’s you might already be utilizing today. People’s most common income though is earned income, which is what you get from working a job.