Graphic: Reveals How Startups Make Billions

The is a new infographic by Anna Vital. It describes a way in which a startup business may become successful, but does so in simplistic terms. Because this is an infographic, points are listed, but they are formatted to a curving line, rather than in list form.

The first step, according to the image, is to find and study an already successful or existing product. The point of the study is to find out how it could be made better. The next point on the infographic is not spelled out, but it advises persons to make the improved version and market it to likely buyers or project funders.

The next steps are to remake the product again, find partners or/and investors and then to sell the product. Eventually, the image assumes that your product will be successful and sell,therefore making your next steps as follows:

Listing your company on Nasdaq, selling shares, and making back the money that the investors and partners put in.”