Here Are The US Cities Where The Poor Are The Most Segregated From Everyone Else

The title on the image is ‘Poverty Segregation Index’.

The image describes the geographical distribution of poverty in the United States of America. There are five categories or classifications within the poverty index. The lowest poverty counter is 0.170 to 0.261, while the highest is 0.382 to 0.485. It is not clear whether this is a percentage figure.

The northeastern section of the US has the greatest number of poor citizens with a very large concentration of small pockets of poor. This area contains nearly the full spectrum described by the key on the image, but noticeably has very few of the lowest poverty counter (0.170 to 0.261).

The southeastern section is similar to the northeast, but there are less persons who would be considered absolutely destitute. There are, however, larger pockets of persons in the other four categories described on the poverty index.

The north and south west, by contrast have sparse, though large populations of poor. The poor areas indicated in these spaces tend to fall within the three, higher categories of poverty, meaning that 0.343 of the population or less is poor.

There are about seven areas of the completely destitute, and these areas are scattered, and do not indicate any relation to each other.