Seven Great Tips for Renting a Car

When renting a car there are a little of secret tips that can help you save money, cash, and time. Here are six of the best and in MEME form to help you remember them!

1. When renting a car online reserve a compact at the last minute. They likely won’t have a compact handy and will give you a free upgrade.

renting car

2. Buy the insurance! Even if the car is totaled in an accident that’s your fault you won’t see a single charge.

buy insurance on rentals

3. Rent from locations at car dealerships. They close early, meaning you can drop it off overnight and not get charged extra.

rental cars

4. Ignore the no smoking stickers. Every car gets hit with an industrial deodorizer after every ride.

buy car insurance on rentals

5. Do not let someone else drive. If they are pulled over and not on the contract. The car will be taken and you will be heavily fined.

buy insurance on rentals

6. If you have a dog put a blanket over the seats.Dog hair is the only thing we charge for.

buy insurance on rentals

7. If you don’t like the car they give you, complain about the brakes, they legally have to give you another.

buy insurance on rentals