The Keeper by Santander Bank

Below is a special video preview of a whimsical documentary titled “The Keeper” directed by Chris Bailey and Jake Naish and brought to you by Santander.The Keeper by Santander Bank

This documentary short was filmed about a man who makes a hobby of collecting and scrap booking his debit card statements. This short film won the MOFILM Cannes 2011 film contest. This film contest was sponsored by Sovereign | Santander, and in this film the main character has saved his debit card statements for the past thirty years. Although silly and kind of funny at times, the video brought up some important points.

First of all is the importance of good record keeping, this man had saved his receipts for the past thirty years, he knew all his expenses and he had a connection to them. Most people these days lose touch with what those statements even mean or even what you had purchased at the time. It is also important to look at all your monthly statements to check for credit fraud and make sure no one is charging you maliciously.

Second is just how useful a credit card or a debit card in this case can be. This man was able to buy almost everything he needed in life. He mentions one particular month that he bought “A night at the city hotel,” a ring and some flowers. All of which led up to him proposing to his wife. However in a sad turn he no longer is married but it is important to see that he still uses the same debit card, since it is something you truly can’t live without.

This post is a paid editorial brought to you by Santander